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  • Bogey will be mated to Birdie on her next heat, which we expect in February-March

In spring / summer 2016 we plan a litter with Birdie (Sukelyas Dawn to Dusk Birdie) and Bogey (Bob of the Seven Hills Country). The puppies are bred according to the breeding rules of the Dutch Lancashire Heeler Club.

Complete information about the parents:

Bob of the Seven Hills Country:

Born: 27-07-2012

Health Checks:

  • Patella Luxation 0/0 (19-06-2015)
  • PLL free (DNA)
  • CEA free (DNA)
  • MPP Lens right (congenital - non-hereditary form of cataract).
  • Clinical eye examination 13-08-2015: Free of other eye diseases.

Sukelyas Dawn to Dusk Birdie:

Born: 21-10-2013

Health Checks:

  • Patella Luxation 0/0 (19-06-2015)
  • PLL carrier (DNA)
  • CEA free (DNA)
  • Clinical eye examination 13-08-2015. Free of eye diseases.

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